Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Journalist freed from Taliban by raid; other big problems from patriarchal values

Time Magazine already has a detailed story on the release of journalist Stephen Farrell (and a translator) by a British commando raid on a Taliban stronghold, in which at least five others died. The story is by Tim McGirk in Kabul, here.

The Washington Times on Tuesday ran a disturbing story about the mafia-like control that Mexican drug cartels with extortion have on smaller towns in much of rural Mexico, by AP writer Mark Stephenson, link here. Today it is reporting on a hijacking in Cancun

And Betsy Pisik has a story in the Washington Times today (Wednesday) about the status of women in the Congo, often blamed as insults to their families when they are victims, very much as is the case in some areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The link is here.

It strikes me as interesting how many of this violence overseas depends on a heavily patriarchal social format (often religion-driven) of the societies in which the events occur.

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