Sunday, August 30, 2009

Women in Afghanistan make gains in education, business

The “Sunday Read” of the Washington Times on Aug. 30 has an important story about the education of and growing business opportunities for women in Afghanistan. The story is by Ann Geracimos, the title is “Opportunities expand for empowered Afghan women”, link here. The newspaper magazine cover read "Lifting the Veil".

The opportunities include expanding literacy for married couples, a novel idea in a culture that had emphasized a simplistic idea of male domination and provisionism.

One of the biggest areas of entrepreneurialism is “microcredit”.

However, progress depends on keeping the Taliban and radical Islamic forces at bay. In some areas of Pakistan, trends are definitely going in the wrong direction.

On Monday Aug. 31, however, Pamela Constable had a front page story in The Washington Post, "Many Women Stayed Away From the Polls In Afghanistan: Fear, Tradition, Apathy Reversed Hopeful Trend", link here.

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