Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nigeria and Sharia explored in news story

Karen Brulliard of the Washington Post Foreign Service has an interesting piece Wed. Aug. 12, “In Nigeria, Sharia Fails to Deliver; Vows of accountability, equity under Moderate Islamic law are unmet”, link here.

There is a lot of discussion of the northern part of the country, and of the paradoxes that Sharia could introduce. To a westerner, it seems that Sharia seems like an attempt to measure everyone according to a religious value system that has some fatherly definitions of right and wrong.

The issue is critical probably also because Nigeria has quite a bit of problems with vandalism agains toil supplies.

Visitors will want to look at the “Muslims Against Sharia” blog (on Blogger), with URL link here.

Also, on Wordpress, look up “Creeping Sharia” here.

Of course, we're familiar with calls to implement Sharia on Muslims (individually, voluntarily?) in Britain.

Attribution link for CIA map (unclassified, public domain) of Nigeria.

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