Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Government claims on NC terror plot already have "conspiracy theory" detractors

It should come as no surprise that there are some web stories floating around that North Carolina “villain” Daniel Patrick Boyd is a fibbie patsy worthy of being a character in a John Grisham novel. Kurt Nimmo has a piece at “Prison Planet” titled “North Carolina terror arrests timed to coincide with NLE 09”. The link is here. It seems like a nefarious "screenwritten" idea, set up a right wing group somewhere, encourage it to go ballistic and then swarm in as if it were another Waco. I’ve experimented with a fictitious group like that called “The Academy” tucked away in plain sight on West Texas prairies in a couple of my novel and screenplay manuscripts. It sort of struck me how some of the story matches some things in my own manuscripts, and it’s rather scary. It's too intricate to fit into a Sunday night TV miniseries.

But you might as well look at the FBI’s own account of its “terrorism takedown” with a triangle drawn over the capital area of North Carolina as if it were One Tree Hill. The link is here.

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