Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wikileaks and its mischief with the accidentally released US nuke report (intended only for IAEA)

Wikileaks has apparently captured and re-published an accidentally posted a document that it is supposed to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (in Vienna) of the locations of its nuclear sites, dated May 2009. The basic link is here. and the title of the story is “Obama IAEA nuclear sites declaration for the United States, draft, 267 pages, 5 May 2009”. The leak was apparently accidentally posted by the United States Government Printing Office.

If I try to go to the domestic PDF I get a file that says “Wikileaks is overloaded by global interest.”

Computer science instructor Rob Domanski (City University of New York) offers a skeptical editorial on the way Wikileaks works today on his own “Nerfherder” blog, here. (Does he mean "Nerd Herd?) Because the rogue copies have been placed on sites in other countries (relatively friendly but neutral, like Sweden), it isn’t easy for the US government to get them shut down.

So am I being gratuitously mischievous in writing my own posting repeating the Wikilinks? In late 2002 I once got an email with an attachment that apparently showed the locations of all nuclear waste sites in Russia, possibly in response to an earlier essay I had written on an older site. I passed the email on to authorities. “Amateurs” do stumble upon intelligence that the big boys miss.

Picture: innocent enough, in Frederick County, MD, countryside

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