Sunday, May 3, 2009

Palestinian Christian speaks about Middle East at a Virginia church

On Communion Sunday, May 3, 2009, the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington, VA listened to a guest sermon from Mr, Daiud Nassar, a Palestinian Christian. The title of the sermon was “Witnessing Even from Bethlehem.”

Many people overlook that Bethlehem is now on the West Bank, and that the name means “House of Meat” in Arabic and “House of Bread” in Hebrew. Wikipedia offers quite a number of interesting still photographs here.

The speaker compared the trials of Palestinians today to those of everyone in the Holy Lands during the time of the birth of Christ. In general, his remarks tended to stress a libertarian view of the political situation. The people are hardshipped because property rights have been expropriated from them, by force, for questionable security (and previously religious) reasons and in violation of normal standards of civilized society. The ability to earn and acquire and keep property was one of the most important liberties that stoked the American Revolution (as with some of my own recent field trips), and, yes, there was a catch.

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