Monday, April 6, 2009

Suggest global tourism be restricted because of icecap melting (or is it just tourism to polar areas?)

On Monday, April 6, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams reported on the rapid melting of the Arctic icecap. The winter ice this year was the 10th smallest in record, and within ten years the Arctic Ocean may be completely ice free by August every year. That will cause the ocean to absorb more heat and give a runaway greenhouse effect, prompting much more melting of the Greenland ice cap.

At the same time, the Wilkins ice field in Antarctica is reported to have fractured and may break away and melt.

I overheard a suggestion, attributed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that the world will have to start restricting global tourism. The comment (reported by Brian Williams) comes at the beginning of the MSNBC video (below) and is attributed to both the Obama Administration and to Clinton herself.

The MSNBC video story is called "Satellites show Arctic literally on thin ice."

But Fox News has a story suggesting that the limit on tourism would apply only to the polar regions (not sure how this would help). The title is "Obama Calls for Limits on Tourism to Antarctica: At a conference Monday in Baltimore, U.S. diplomats will propose expanding the 50-year-old Antarctic Treaty to include restrictions on tourism that are now voluntary", link here.

I wonder what would happen to the ice hotel in Sweden.

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