Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Korean fires ICBM-like missle, could hit US

North Korea has fired a long range missile at 2:20 AM GMT Sunday, as a test, a device that might have been capable of reaching Alaska or the northern Canadian Coast.

The test is provocative because of Kim Jong-Il’s fetish with nuclear weaponry, which is constantly on and off.

Back in 2002, George Tenet had told Congress that North Korea was capable of lobbing a nuclear weapon with a missile at the United States from its mainland. It might be capable of damage to western US, Canada, and Alaska (and Russia) with an EMP effect even if the blast did no actual physical damage on land. Similar concerns have been expressed before by conservatives (as in The Washington Times) about the idea that Iran could launch a device from a stolen vessel in the Atlantic.

The CNN story is here.

The Washington Times has an early Monday story by Andrew Salmon on the U.N.’s delayed response.

Joe Biden had “promised” that President Obama would face a foreign policy challenge quickly. Put the facts together, please.

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