Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In time of war, avoid giving comfort to the enemy

Cal Thomas has an interesting op-ed in the Tuesday April 28 Washington Times, “Loose Lips or Loose Pics”, link here. It seems as though Eleanor Roosevelt got reprimanded for a column talking about the weather in the United States during World War II. And this was in print only; there was no blogging then.

Thomas goes on to criticize bloggers and civil rights organizations (he names the ACLU) who expose all of America’s sins with Muslim prisoners. (He would probably criticize me for reviewing National Geographic’s Guantanamo). He says we are in a war with an enemy that doesn’t play by our rules and that will take what we let him. He says we are all giving aid and comfort to “enemies”. If you don’t want your liberty (and perhaps progeny) there are others waiting in line to take it away from you. That’s an interesting way to look at morality.

We saw these kinds of comments from Richard Nixon during Vietnam.

It’s true that enemies can tell a lot about us from Myspace, Facebook, etc. But I don’t know if they care to even look.

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