Saturday, April 4, 2009

"China: Get out of Tibet" demonstrations held (today)

Today, in North Arlington VA, as I was driving I saw a small demonstration with signs “China: Get out of Tibet” and various flags and placards, walking on the north side of Lee Highway (US 29) toward the District of Columbia. I took some quick photos that will process later (added here 4/17).

This website has a downloadable poster.

I could not find specific media reports of a Pro-Tibet demonstration in the DC area today, but participants in the march may know and be able to tell us where in a comment. Here is an article from Asia News dated March 10, 2009, “Demonstrations around the world to mark Tibet’s uprising,” link here.

Picture: "Various claims on the extent of Tibet", from the University of Texas, in Wikimedia Commons with a GNU "copyleft" license; go here for the original and all attributions.

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