Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweden hosts criminal copyright infringement trial against Pirate Bay

A major trial criminal regarding copyright infringement is taking place in Sweden against Pirate Bay, a company that maintains Bit Torrent servers to facilitate file sharing. A consortium of media and movie companies had brought action against the company, resulting in a raid in May 2006. The company does not maintain any copyrighted material itself but is accused of aiding infringement of others.

In the United States, the MGM v. Grokster case, in 2006, had established the idea that companies could be held responsible for “downstream” copyright infringement if their whole business model is based on expectations of infringement. However that action related to civil liability, not criminal.

There is a story by Tim Conneally on BetaNews “Pirate Bay copyright infringement trial begins, founders plead 'not guilty'”, link here. It links to a May 31, 2006 story about the raid by Nate Mook.

The Washington Times had a brief clip on the story this morning (Feb. 16).

Update: Feb. 17

Channel Web reports "The Pirate Bay Still Sailing As Major Charges Dropped", link here.

Update: April 17, 2009

Eric Pfanner reports a conviction in a Swedish court on this matter. The story title is "File-Sharing Site Violated Copyright, Court Says", link here.

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