Monday, February 2, 2009

Masdar City would be world's first zero-carbon "high standard of living" community

Masdar, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, is planning the world’s first carbon-free planned city, as detailed on its website here.

The “Plugged In” section of the Monday Washington Times, section B, offers a large photograph of the model, story “Green Oasis rises from desert sands” as a special to the paper by Stefan Nicola, here. The picture of the model can be enlarged on the Times website, and it looks a bit like a city on another planet in a sci-fi movie. If we build a habitable city on Mars, it would have to look something like this.

The most controlled part of the city appears to be a walled square, a concept often used in ancient cities, even Jerusalem.

The entire city is to be powered by renewable energy, and no gas-powered vehicles are allowed. Instead, driverless trams operated by computer will move people around. The geography of the model is interesting, and it rather resembles a sophisticated model railroad exhibit.

Wikipedia also has a model photograph and similar discussion, here.

Move over, Dubai!

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