Thursday, February 5, 2009

For journalists in Russia: it is not safe

The Washington Times has a strong editorial on p A22, Thursday Feb. 5, “Russia’s gangster state,” link here. It is titled even more bluntly “Killing Russian journalists” on the web version, link here.

There is a specific account of how human rights attorney Stanislaw Markelov and young journalists Anastasia Baburova were gunned down in Moscow close to the Kremlin. Baburov is one of four journalists from the newspaper “Noyava Gazeta” ("New Newspaper”) in the past few years. There is a blog (by Beth Gibbs) at the University of Minnesota, entry Jan. 31, here. The blog tells you to see the picture on “” – McAfee gives a warning for a potential spyware or unwanted program download on Site Advisor so I won’t give the hyperlink).

The Times editorial goes on to report that reporters who try to cover the Second Chechen War are under more pressure from Russian authorities than the rebels. Putin’s Russia seems to be heading back toward an authoritarian state.

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