Thursday, January 8, 2009

Russia may cut off US adoptions; natural gas cutoff causing hardship in Ukraine

The free (and somewhat “conservative”, I think) daily DC Examiner has a story today on p. 8 by Freeman Klopott, “Outraged Russians consider cutting off U.S. adoptions”. The trigger was an incident in Purcelville, VA where a man left his adopted son, born in Russia, in a hot car and forgot he was there (to take him to day care) when he went to work. Later a jury acquitted him of involuntary manslaughter.

Russians seem to believe that adopted children in the United States don’t have the same rights as natural children, and could be sought for adoption for body parts, a concept out of horror films (“Clonus”).

The upshot is that Russia may stop allowing Americans to adopt their children.

The Examiner does not yet have a link to the story.

Russia has been growing all the more hostile and belligerent, particularly since the situation in Georgia. Now, over an arcane dispute, it has cut off natural gas supplies to the Ukraine, affecting several other countries (even Austria), forcing people to burn firewood to stay warm in January.

The Examiner link to this story (by Caroline Calais) is here.

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