Sunday, December 21, 2008

Washington Times op-ed suggests "global cooling"

Since I’ve met libertarian commentator Deroy Murdoch before, I thought I would mention his column on the first page of the Voices section of the Dec. 21 2008 Washington Times, called “Global cooling?”, link here.

He mentions the early bitter cold this December, the cool summer in Alaska (Sarah Palin country), the snow in the Brazilian Highlands (which is not that unusual). Well, remember, we had a mid December ice storm in interior New York and New England, when it should have been snow. Doug Hill of Washington DC’s WJLA predicts a snowy winter for Washington because of low pressure in the Eastern Atlantic, but we’ve had nothing more than a trace so far this December. Doug Hill has also, in public forums at high schools, mentioned that before 1980 scientists were actually more worried about global cooling than warming, and questions the political motives of the global warming "debate."

We’ve had early cold before, such as in December 1983, and again in 1989. And in January 1998, there was a massive ice storm in Eastern Canada – the problem is, it should have been snow.

As Al Gore points out, the mathematics of climate change points out to overwhelming evidence that some of it is man made. But global warming could suddenly lead to cooling if the melting of the Greenland ice cap disrupted the Gulf Stream and feedback ocean currents in the Atlantic.

Deroy Murdock is a media fellow with the Hoover Institution of War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.

One other “true thing”, the Washington Times, when accessed in Firefox on my XP Home edition machine, sometimes puts up ads that somehow hang Firefox. Google Chrome and IE seem to work OK on them. I don’t know why. On another (newer) XP Pro machine they work fine in Firefox. I do love the Washington Times’s opinions on the international and national security issues, but sometimes not all of them are up online immediately, some of them disappear, and the ads are sometimes goofy. I usually do buy a print edition (reporters need to earn their salaries, you know), but that’s possible for readers only in the DC area, generally. And recently the paper stopped printing on Saturdays to cut costs.

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