Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Commission on the Prevention of WMD Prevention issues dire warning

On December 1 2008, the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism, led by former Sens. Bob Graham of Florida and Jim Talent of Missouri, issued a report warning that a attack on the United States using nuclear (presumably that includes radiological or EMP) or biological weapons was likely on the United States homeland by 2013, by the end of Obama’s first term. The domain name for the Commission is prosaic: “Prevent WMD” and the link is this. The report was not on the website yet, but the site offers a Feedburner subscription for receipt.

The United States should be particularly concerned that disgruntled, unemployed (as in Russia) or ideologically unstable scientists will become terrorists and be able to manufacture and distribute WMD’s.

The AP story by Pamela Hess is here. The report was mentioned briefly, in passing, on the NBC Today show December 2.

ABC "World News Tonight" gave more details, indicating that the report indicates that the world is more likely than not to experience a WMD attack by 2013 unless there is significant progress in security nuclear and biological materials, and that security has been getting laxer, not better. A similar theme is often articulated by the Nuclear Threat Iniative.

ABC "Nightline" had done a series on a fictitious subway biological attack in 1999, before 9/11.

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