Wednesday, November 26, 2008

UK Medical Journal envisions end of African AIDS epidemic

The British medical journal the Lancet, on November 26, 2008, has an article (subscription for full text) “Universal voluntary HIV testing with immediate antiretroviral therapy as a strategy for elimination of HIV transmission: a mathematical model”. The link is here.

The article is a “thought experiment” but suggests aggressive testing and drug treatment for HIV could effectively end the epidemic of AIDS in Africa in about ten years.

I got free copies of the Lancet, a compact publication with a white magazine-like cover, from another manager in the workplace at a Dallas employer in the 1980s when I was tracking the emerging AIDS epidemic then, which already was viewed as a heterosexually transmitted disease in Sub Saharan Africa. The presence of other sexually transmitted diseases in the populations (especially female) was thought to be a major explanation.

David Brown has an article in the Nov. 26 Washington Post on p A4, “Model Predicts Halt to Africa’s AIDS Epidemic,” summarizing the Lancet article, link here.

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