Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iran has enough enriched uranium for one weapon (IAEA)

The Global Security Newswire of the Nuclear Threat Initiative reported today that Iran has accumulated about enough enriched uranium to make one atomic bomb. Iran has even more incentive to develop nuclear power than previously accepted because of the rapidly falling price of oil with global recession and deflation.

Iran has been considered a potential threat to Israel, and possibly even the United States, given bellicose press statements, if a rogue group could fire a nuclear missile at the United States from open sea from a covert ship, or possibly at high altitude for a disabling EMP strike.

However, to carry out such speculative threats, it would probably have to acquire loose nuclear material from other parts of the world, like the former Soviet Union, rather than just on its own.

Iran has supposedly manufactured about 1390 pounds of enriched uranium. The link for the story on the NTI site is here. It was also linked from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

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