Friday, October 3, 2008

Questions about TOM-Skype and Chinese surveillance of political dissent

The information warfare monitor has published disturbing information about the practices of TOM-Skype, which is the version in China of a voice and text software package called Skype. The Chinese version of the site ( has a “red” rating from McAfee which reports that it offers a number of downloads which some users consider to be spyware, and that these Trojans may be related to Chinese government surveillance of the political activities of civilians.

The Joint Report from the Information Warfare Monitor OMI Asia is called “Breaching Trust: An Analysis of surveillance and security practices of China’s TOM-Skype platform, link here, by Nart Villeneuve, Psiphon Fellow, the Citizen Lab.

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a version of this story Oct. 2, “Chinese Skype Client Hands Confidential Information to Eavesdroppers,” link here.

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