Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pakistan's military now seems hostile to US forces

In a story by Stephen Graham, the AP reports that Pakistan’s military has threatened to fire at American assets if Americans cross the border into Pakistan to chase elements of Al Qaeda, who could conceivably include Osama bin Laden himself. US actions might well take the form of unmanned CIA drones. An unusual small US ground action (the sort that Sebastian Junger has written about in the past in Vanity Fair) early this month reportedly contributed to the war of words. The link for the story is here.

In recent times, Pakistan has won some praise from the US military for assistance, but there have been many recent media reports indicating that Pakistan’s military has been undermined by radical ideology and tribalism. The lack of dependability has become an even larger concern because of Pakistan’s cache of small nuclear weapons.

AOL replicated the AP story this afternoon on its news site. AOL included a package of 500 photos from Pakistan supplied by Reuters.

Is Pakistan an "ally" any longer? This is getting dangerous.

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