Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Female "Osama bin Laden" arrested (Aafia Siddique); Brian Ross has chilling report on ABC

Brian Ross has a disturbing video on ABC News (go to the main site; the video link does not have an external URL) on the capture in Afghanistan of Aafia Siddique, called Al Qaeda’s “Mati Hari” or the female “Osama bin Laden.”

Apparently she is the first big-time female to be arrested in connection with these plots. The thumb drive (memory stick) in her possession contained maps of targets in New York City and elsewhere, reported in the media. Mentioned was the Department of Agriculture’s Plum Island, which was connected by “urban legends” to AIDS experiments in the 1980s in “The New York Native.” She is said to have had cyanide in her possession. Furthermore, according to Brian Ross's video on ABC, she had encouraged Muslim women to have “lots of babies” as future jihadists. That comment seems to play into the “demographic winter” concerns about relative fertility rates of populations in Europe, played up by social conservatives.

Born in 1972 in Pakistan, she is said to have graduated from MIT.

The National Terror Alert Center has a story, “Al Qaeda’a Aafia Siddique Could Prove a Treasure Trove of Intelligence,” link here.

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