Saturday, August 2, 2008

Conflict between Pakistan and India complicates control of Afghanistan

The increasing tensions, again, between India and Pakistan are complicating efforts to contain the Taliban in border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and maintain stability in Afghanistan.

The US admits that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence assisted with a militant attack on an Indian embassy in Kabul, and the ISI may have played a role in a 2001 attack on India’s parliament building. Complicating the picture further is the role of Afghan mujahedeen Jalaluddin Haqqani, from the remote border tribal area or North Waziristan.

Haqqani’s activities date back to the days of resistance against the Soviet Union in the 1980s, just as is the case with Osama bin Laden.

The situation is politically sensitive because India has been active with reconstruction projects inside Afghanistan.

The Wall Street Journal weekend story appears on p A6 and is authored by Jay Solomon, link here.

To a westerner, it seems unfathomable that the border areas are so difficult to control with any sense of law and order. But this sort of story points out some of the complications.

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