Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama on Homeland Security

Barack Obama has recently called loose nuclear material and the possibility that it would fall into the hands of terrorists the single most serious security threat we have. A similar threat exists with biological weapons. Obama has also suggested that much more military attention should be placed on Afghanistan and the border areas with Pakistan, and less with Iraq. A typical media story about Obama’s national security plan is authored by Josh Meyer and Peter Nicholas in the Los Angeles Times July 16, “Obama Unveils New Plan to Protect U.S. from 21st Century Threats,” link here. The link offers several relevant short video clips of both McCain and Obama.

Much of this is summarized in Obama’s own “Homeland Security Fact Sheet: Strengthening Homeland Security: Protecting Americans”, link here. Much of the position paper is actually dedicated to protecting some civil liberties, such as the right to habeas corpus. Obama points out that he introduced the Spent Nuclear Fuel Tracking and Accountability Act of 2005, during the 109th Congress. This was S 1194, with the govtrack reference here.

There was a similar “Spent Nuclear Fuel On-Site Security Storage Act of 2005” S 2099 (also HR 4538), now dead, link here.

Wikipedia has a list of bills sponsored by Barack Obama here.

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John Maszka said...

Taking the war to Pakistan is perhaps the most foolish thing America can do. Pakistan has 160 million Arabs and a nuclear arsenol. Pakistan also has the support of China. The last thing the United States should do at this point and time is to violate yet another state’s sovereignty.