Friday, June 20, 2008

US will help China secure Beijing Olympics from WMD's

Today (June 20) the front page of The Washington Times offers an “exclusive” scoop by Bill Gertz, “U.S. nuke spotters sent to China before games; Secret team acts on attack fears,” link here. The group is called the Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST) and will include a small number of nuclear scientists to help the Chinese government detect any evidence of radiological dispersion during the Olympic games in Beijing in August 2008. Obviously, the Bush administration had to engage in delicate diplomacy. The team carries heavy gear and personal protection and decontamination facilities that may recall the movie “The Andromeda Strain.”

The Washington Times also has a provocative story about international Internet use in the World “Briefing/Asia” page, “Insecure youths vent in Web chat rooms; Authorities find it difficult to differentiate angry postings from violent manifestations,” by Eric Talmadge and Mari Yamaguchi, on p A20. The story concerned the monitoring of Internet chat rooms by police in Japan, and the recent violence on the Tokyo subway. Japan has been asking Internet Service Providers to remove certain violent and weapons related content, which reminds one of the recent agreement in the United States of some ISP’s with the New York State attorney general to remove certain materials related to child pornography. The link is here.

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