Sunday, June 8, 2008

Israel plants scare talk about Iran; complicates international nuclear monitoring

Today Israel tightened the rhetoric against Iran when Benjamin Ben-Eliezer threatened to erase Iran if Iran even “dreamed” about attacking Israel. It was not clear what kind of mental telepathy (beyond press statements or even Internet rumors) would constitute the “dreams” like in novels by Stephen King and Clive Barker.

Israel accused other western companies of doing business with nuclear facilities in Iran, which insists if it doing research for peaceful purposes only and following international law. Friday, another threat from Shaoul Mofaz suggested that Israel might attack Iran if Iran kept working on its supposed “nuclear weapons program” and that announcement may have helped provoke the $10 oil price spike.

But rigorous monitoring of Iran would seem necessary given declared national security policies of the United States and other western countries to locate all nuclear material in the world and account for it, to defer the threat of nuclear terror, as discussed often in the books and papers by Graham Allison (already discussed on this blog).

There is a very emphatic story on PressTv today (and headlined on Mixx) here.

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