Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Congressmen say China compromised Capitol computers

At least two US congressman report that their House computers were hacked, apparently with the support of the Chinese government. Frank Wolf, from Virginia, and Chris Smith, from New Jersey, both Republicans, say that their “work” computers were compromised and that data on dissidents in China (very likely including those in Tibet) was copied. Wolf has four computers and Smith has two computers invaded, both starting in 2006.

There is some suspicion that a laptop taken to China during a visit by Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez might have been compromised and led to the disclosure of access information that could have facilitated the hacks. Apparently public announcement of the hacks was delayed a long time out of security concerns.

The main AP news story is by Pete Yost and Lara Jakes Jordan, title “Lawmakers say Capitol computers hacked by Chinese,” link here.

The story was repeated on multiple media outlets. It seems that the Chinese government will stop at nothing to track down dissent. Who’s next on the spy list, the webservers of ordinary Americans?

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