Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beijing practices "McCarthyism" against lawyers who defended Tibetans

Well, the bashing of Beijing can continue. Apparently the Chinese government suspended the licenses of two human rights lawyers who had defended Tibetans who had protested against Beijing in March. And there are stories about denial of license renewals to numerous lawyers. This sounds like the post-Communist Chinese version of McCarthyism and blacklisting. The story by Jim Yardley appears on p A12 of today’s New York Times, with the link here.
Curiously, on the same page, another story by Keith Bradsher reports that the impact of the earthquake on the Chinese economy would be “minimal” because it occurred in a poor, agricultural area. This seems to turn the 60s Maoist “cultural revolution” upsidedown. That’s hard to believe, when one considers the massive rebuilding required of housing and schools, driving China’s consumption needs up even more.

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