Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Turkish educators offer moderate Muslim education in Pakistan

Education in Pakistan is a major issue. While Pakistan has “conventional” public schools, the poorest parents cannot afford books and uniforms and may well send male children to madrasas, or religious schools funded by radical outside money. Boys spend hours memorizing the Koran and have an “education” appropriate for a 14th Century tribal society.

A number of Turkish educators have set up “moderate” schools in Pakistan and are trying to change the culture, and act in a manner like Muslim “Peace Corps” volunteers.
The New York Times ran a story Sunday by Sabrina Tavernise, “Turkish schools offer Pakistan a gentler vision of Islam,” link here.

As indicate in recent a recent PBS documentary ("The Al Qaeda Files"), education alone does not resolve everything; jobs are important, too. Much of Al Qaeda’s leadership has come from relatively well-educated but disenchanted young men, especially from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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