Saturday, March 1, 2008

Singapore advertises itself

The "conservative" DC area newspaper The Washington Times carried a paid advertising supplement Thursday, Feb. 28 for the island nation of Singapore. It is a sovereign state, separate from Malaysia. Like the Brits, they drive on the left.

Yes, it does support the idea that a socially conservative small "city-state" can be economically and socially stable and prosperous. It talks about the perfect shade of green throughout the city (especially pertinent now), about the responsibilities of citizens to make it green, and about the ocean-moderated basking climate near the Equator.

Singapore has been known for its very strict laws regarding littering and environmental cleanliness, which is thought to help stabilize society and business. Singapore has also attracted attention by using caning as a sentence. Singapore requires National Service of every able-bodied male.

Singapore has long been reported in conservative publications as having pro-natalist and pro-family policies, but the Wikipedia entry indicates a low birth rate, requiring immigration.

Singapore has a world-class symphony orchestra that made many recordings of lesser known European late romantic works in the late 1980s and 1990s for the "Records International" and "Marco Polo" compact disc labels.

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