Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Netherlands and Britain involved in disturbing deportation case with gay teen from Iran

There is a disturbing and somewhat complicated asylum case going on. A Dutch court reportedly rejected the attempt of Mehdi Kazemi to Britain, where his request for political asylum had already been turned down, and where he faced deportation to Iran and possible execution there.

However there seemed to be some hope that Britain would review the case.

The AP story by My Corder on March 12 is here. The story was republished on AOL, and slightly less than half of survey takers so far believe that Western governments should give asylum to gays from radical Muslim countries.

Gay travelers who are public (as on the Internet) would probably have to be very careful about travel to some Muslim countries. It would seem as though this can be an issue when accepting employment with private contractors that send engineers overseas to these countries, something I will pursue later.

I've even wondered if it would be safe for me to travel to Egypt to see the Pyramids.

Update: March 14:

Britain has halted the deportation of Kazemi. The Washington Post story by Mary Jordan is "Britain Halts Deportation Move Against Gay Iranian: 19-Year-Old Fears Execution at Home," March 14, p A10, link here.

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