Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CNN, others report new Bin Laden "statement" about Danish cartoon controversy

Media reports describe a new statement by Osama bin Laden, with particular attention to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy (wiki link with details).

The link for the CNN story " Purported bin Laden message condemns Europe" is here.

The statement contained the bizarre statement about the cartoon, that mocking the founder of Islam "violates the etiquettes of dispute and fighting," as if there were some sort of honor code for battle like that in the middle ages (or that used for duels early in American history).

The statement did not seem to relate to events beyond 2005.

The cartoon controversy seems bizarre to westerners, who find the images (probably legally copyrighted) innocuous and find the literal idea of blasphemy hard to believe.

Bin Laden is still believed to he hiding out in tribal areas along the mountainous areas of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. However, there is a remote chance, at least, that he could have fled through Karachi on the Indian Ocean to some other clandestine location.

Unrelated to the Danish controversy was the Iran newspaper cockroach cartoon controversy, link here.

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