Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New report on soaring CO-2 emissions

USA Today has a report by Dan Vergano, "Study: Worldwide Carbon Dioxide Emissions Soar", on May 22, 2007, at this link.

Venus greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions rates tripled between 2000-2004 compared to the 1990s, according to the journal of the Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences (now located in new quarters in the Ballston area of Arlington VA). This is largely because of the rapid growth of industry and consumerism in developing countries, especially China, who want to share the consumptive lifestyles of the West. There is another link to these stories here.

The Academy offers many documents if one searches "global warming". A typical example is "Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises", here.

Note also two big stories in the June 2007 National Geographic. First, there is Paul Nicklen "Life at the Edge: On the frontier of a frozen ocean, rising temperatures imperil wildlife whose survival depends on ice." (P 32). For this ecosystem, the absence of ice sheets is like a garden with no soil. Then there is Tim Appenzeller and James Balog, "The Big Thaw: It's no surprise that a warming climate is melting the world's glaciers and polar ice, but no one expected it to happen this fast," p. 56. The problem is that both Greenland and Antarctica create their own climates by mass, so once ice starts being lost, the process can accelerate very quickly. Original projections that the Greenland ice cap melt could raise sea levels by one foot in a century now are replaced by the possibility that it could raise twenty feet. Most of habitable Florida, other coastal areas, and certainly poorer coastal areas in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. could be lost in a few decades.

Yet The Donald Trump still builds condos in Florida and hires his apprentices to supervise them.

Picture: coal strip mine highwall at Barton MD, south of Cumberland, where a wall collapsed in April 2007. The "coal measures" start behind the Allegheny Front and Eastern Continental Divide and strip mining is still a big issue.

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