Monday, May 14, 2007

Homeland Security in Alabama and misworded website

A blog called Freestudents has noted that a discussion on a website run by the Homeland Security Department of the State of Alabama would have classified most people to express views questiong government authority as "terrorists". He also notes that, after he posted a link to the blog and notified some friends, the pages disappeared, without explanation. Here is the specific link on the "Classically Liberal" blog, a posting called "Down the Memory Hole". The author saved images of the posting, and one can click on them and enlarge them so that the original text can be read,

This looks like an "English composition" or "I got a D on my first theme" problem. It's often tough to discuss concepts and threats without wording things in such a way as to be overly inclusive. When I read the posting it struck me as more of an English composition or interpretation problem. High school and college students are reminded this all the time, to be very precise in characterizing things, and to be very careful about the context in which potentially provocative statements are made.

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