Wednesday, April 18, 2007

UN Security Council on global warming; ethanol fuels

The United Nations Security Council is holding debates on global warming, and developing countries are very nervous that advanced countries will use the issue to hold them back. Link.

At the same time, there are media reports that a switch of automobiles to ethanol – a feat largely accomplished in Brazil, where sugar cane plantations provide a large percentage of the nation’s fuel – will not reduce Venusian greenhouse gasses emission and might increase them. Ethanol fuels would reduce dependency on oil from the Middle East and reduce mining of fossil fuels in general, since they are renewable. Some engineers say they are hard on engines, causing gasket leaks but these are problems that could fixed with design. In the long run, hydrogen fuels and hybrids may sound more climate friendly but much more costly to set up an infrastructure for. BP is already advertising its use of ethanol fuels. Link:

CNN also reports that New York City produces 1% of the nation’s greenhouse gasses. Link.

Picture: Gormania, W Va.

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