Monday, January 15, 2007

Wikileaks is a new tool for anonymous dissent

Elizabeth Williamson has a story in The Washington Post Monday Jan. 15, 2006, “Freedom of Information: the Wiki Way: Site to Allow Anonymous Posts of Government Documents”, at this link. The story is about, which would allow persons to post documents from overseas about corruption and government misconduct. A typical example and the first document, go to “Inside the Somali Civil War and the Islamic Courts” at The site has FAQ’s and calls for volunteers, and a statement by Daniel Ellsberg. The concept is based on the open-content (open source) Wikipedia model where visitors build the information data base. The entire site should be live by March 2007. The site is supposed to have technical measures in place to protect anonymity.

One would think that a site like this could put considerable political pressure on major trading partners with leftover authoritarian governments, especially China, and that it could eventually be useful in persuading governments to ease Internet censorship. Of course, countries like North Korea and radical Islamic states will be unwilling to tolerate open dissent.

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