Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Global Warming: Accuweather has a major blog

AccuWeather has started its own blog on global warming, and indeed the entries are disturbing. The blog is called “Global Warming Center” and is at this link. It points to an article in the British journal The Independent by Steve Connor, Review of the Year: Global Warming: our worst fears are exceeded by reality,” at this link. There is discussion of terms like “positive feedback loops” and “tipping points”.

The best known media event in 2006 concerning global warming was Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth.” Leonardo Di Caprio has become active in the global warming, as he appears on Oprah, makes a film himself called “The 11th Hour,” and helps gets released another documentary “The Great Warming.” Here is a link to my reviews of these movies.

Dependence on fossil fuels is a major part of the debate, and there are at least two major domestic sites about strip mining: “I Love Mountainshttp://www.ilovemountains.org/ , (a group which offers a free short film called "Kilowatt Ours"),and “Stop Mountaintop Removal.”

The issues becomes global politically with Bush’s reluctance to become involved with the Kyoto accords, but most of all because the developing world (especially China) will use fuel resources and is likely to contribute to carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to raise its living standards to those that approach ours, in countries with much higher populations (in Africa, much higher birth rates, though not China, which has its controversial one child per urban family policy). Ultimately this gets down to becoming an individual moral issue.

Picture: "Lover's Leap" at Natural Tunnel State Park in SW Virginia, on a humid, overcast July day in 2005.

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